Hi! I'm Justin, a game programmer located in Boston, Massachusetts. I'm prospective graduate from Northeastern University with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Engineering.
 I have a strong passion for narrative-focused experiences and seek ways to communicate themes and ideas through gameplay elements. I am also the current Social Chair of the Northeastern University Game Development Club , where I organize events such as Boston's Global Game Jam.

Portfolio Projects

Battle on Pixel Hill


Defend your base from waves of enemies, switching between three different views of the battlefield and the different ways to attack. 


Gameplay Programmer, Designer:

  • Co-developed hierarchal state machine system for switching perspectives that changed game behavior, displayed UI, and active Cinemachine camera.
  • Developed lane railgun system using scriptable objects and observer pattern to handle and decouple cooldown and firing behavior.
  • Created wave spawning system with lane randomization and adjustable cooldown
Created for Low Rez Jam 2022

Field Hospital Valkyrie


Play as an officer in charge of keeping the injured alive admist a futuristic war, where life and death are a roll of a dice. In this UI-based management sim, carefully asses each day's incoming patients and assign care providers to keep as many alive while balancing the hospital morale.     


Gameplay Programmer:

  • Created back-end data structure for care providers using Scriptable Objects
  • Implemented vertical layer-based dynamic audio using FMOD
  • Developed three-phase gameplay cycle using Scriptable Objects and Observer Pattern
Created for GMTK Jam 2022

Lethal Position


An augmented reality experience that puts you in the shoes of an inquisitive friend, hoping to uncover the mysteries laying dormant in an old apartment. Follow the memories, solve puzzles, and discover the truth behind a shattered relationship in this adventure game playable on any Android phone. 



  • Used the ARFoundation Package to implement camera and movement in augmented reality
  • Implemented 3D environment and created tap interactability via raycasting
  • Designed scripts for sequential dialogue triggers and customizable numerical locks.
Created for Husky Jam 2021

Experimental Projects

Prototypes and concept exploration in Unity.  

Unity to Trello Card Form 

Unity Demo of UI form that can look up tables, lists, and then create a card on the user-specified list using Unity Web Requests.

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Character Select Screen

Unity experiment for character select screen that locks and reveals characters based on event flags intended for narrative-focused games. Based on the protagonist select screen in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.  

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Current Experience